Heather Theurer Edwards Fine Art

Edwards (formerly Heather Theurer) has a knack for creating artwork that connects with the viewer at the core of the human spirit as well as breaks through boundaries set by the human mind to reach for something beyond. The result? A visual journey into the transcendent, giving those who experience it a few moments in a sublime alternate reality. 

Heather's paintings are the product of decades of observation of people, environments, animals and textiles. Heather's work is influenced by her studies of the natural world, in addition to the works of great artists including the Renaissance Masters and the Pre-Raphaelites of the late 19th century.

Themes in her work include religious symbolism, fantasy realism, equine and wildlife, and bold reworking of Disney licensed characters. Her process in painting is constantly changing as she applies new techniques, but most often consists of a multitude of layers of oil paint and glazes (as many as 20 or so in some cases) to reach the desired depth and detail that dominates her work. 

Heather's award-winning art has not only been spotlighted on national television, but has been included in Forbes Magazine, Spectrum Fantastic, posts by MTV and hung in galleries in the Disney Parks. Discerning collectors from around the world have acquired and continue to acquire her work as it continually grows and evolves. 

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